Man recalls sighting a creature as a child near Drain file# 04358


Date: , about 1948
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
On Phesant Creek Road
late Spring-like
late afternoon
About two miles up Pheasant Creek road from the junction of the then main highway near the Old Anlauf Lodge. The road leads northward and there was the creek adjacent to the road on the right and across the creek was the old abandoned logging camp of about 15 to 20 houses. This area was heavily wooded with second growth timber. There were, also, two old logging trailers with hard rubber tires with initial cut into them.


Description of event: This is a long time coming because I am 66, born in Cottage Grove 1942 and as a lad of 6 or 7 I went to the Curtin, Oregon elementary school, 1st and 2nd grade, which I believe now is the local Grange Hall. We lived about two miles up Pheasant Creek, the house now gone, burned down and I made the 2.5 mile trek back and forth to school each day, sometimes with the aid of a small bicycle.
One day, probably in early May, about 1/4 mile from my house,I was pushing my bike up a fairly steep hill. There was a vertical sandstone cutbank of about 15-20' in height. There was slight movement at the top of the cut and I observed a kneeling figure parting the brush with it's hands, gazing at me with a look of curiosity. The creature was light gray with tufts of black hair, particularly at the sides of the mouth, like a beard. On the cheeks and under the eyes the fur was lighter color, almost white. The head was very blocky and square, even to the very top of the head, unlike the artists renditions at this site. I had the distinct impression that this was a juvenile, namely that it was little over 5' tall in my estimation but probably weighed over 200 pounds. I'll tell you it scared the hell out of me, because I went by that place like a flash from then on.

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