Creature observed watching mother and son at a pond file# 04362


Date:August 14, 2008
Lewis county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Davis Creek Rd.
Sunny and very hot out
early afternoon
Hwy 12 and Davis Creek rd., just outside of Randle.


Description of event: It was extremely warm out today so my son and I had dedcided to take a dip in our pond. We were out in the yard with our dogs when all of a sudden we heard a big tree limb snap just beyond where the pond is. At this point our dogs became a little uneasy and ran off, taking shelter in our barn and under our RV. I thought nothing of it at first and continued to watch my son swim and that is when I caught a glimps of something moving thru the trees just beyond where I was standing near the water.

At first glance I thought it was an elk (which are in our yard daily) but then I noticed that whatever this was, it was on two legs and is massive in size!!! So at this point I became a little nervous and ordered my son out of the water and without alarming him, and at the same time I'm trying to keep an eye on this creature as it is watching us.

My son then asked me, "Mom, what's wrong?" and I told him to look around and see if he noticed anything. Without me ever mentioning a word to him about what it was I was looking at, he immediately noticed it. By this time a little bit of panic set in with the both of us so we decided to head towards the house and as we did so, this thing began to follow us at a distance but we could see it moving thru the trees the entire time. It would stop when we did and begin to move as we walked. It was as if it were playing hide n seek with us, so now I am really nervous and I quickly went inside the house to get my pistol(only to protect ourselves if needed).

I came back out to see where the creature was and my son pointed to a tree and whispered, "Mom. He is looking right at us!" So we are now, at this moment, pretty much into a stare down with this thing. So I decided to fire a shot into the air and when I did, it quickly moved further away from us into the trees. As it did we caught its scent on the air and let me tell you, it was a revolting stench. It smelled like 2 week old garbage and sulfur.

One thing I noticed was the massive shoulders on this creature and boy it was enormous. It was black in color but we did not see its face very well. Although we were a little spooked it was an exciting moment...

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