Tree breaking/rock smashing scares young friends file# 04392


Date:July , 2008
Washington county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
70 degrees
pre dawn dark hours
The only way to access it would be to hike from the furthest west part of the nature park west towards Brookwood road approximately 1 mile.


Description of event: I was at my friends house one night during the summer of '08. It was above 95 degrees during the day and it was a very warm night. Probably about 65-70 degrees. My friend was on the middle level of his 3 story home. I was on the first story, on a deck that backs up to deep woods. I'm not sure exactly how much wooded area there is back there, but I'd estimate about 10 square miles or so, possibly more. I was smoking and I heard abnormally loud cracking in the woods. Note: I am used to hearing noises in the woods. There are coyotes, raccoons and all kinds of other wildlife, but I've never heard anything like this before.

It was going East to West and it sounded like trees breaking. Maybe 6-10 inches in diameter I'd guess. It definitely wasn't twigs. I am 20 years old and don't scare easily, but my heart sank and I ran inside and got my friend. We went back out and heard it some more further west now and we listened for about 10 minutes. It wasn't continuous, but would happen at least once a minute. As we were going inside we heard what scared me the most. It sounded like two huge rocks smashing together. The sound was different than that of the trees breaking. It continued for about a minute and We'd had enough and went inside. This was the strangest thing I've ever encountered. I said something to my friend about Bigfoot and he laughed at me. He wasn't laughing when it was happening.

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