Tree breaks noticed along one side of road file# 04408


Date:March 16,
Skamania county, WA
Nearest town:

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early afternoon
All I can remember is crossing over the Bridge of the Gods into washington state. We drove east into a little town called Stevenson then the town of Carson. Somewhere in Carson we took a left and Headed north towards Mt St. Helens through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.


Description of event: Back in March of 2008 my Employer sent myself and some co-workers to Portland to open a new office. We spent three weeks out there. Now for myself I have loved unexplained phenomena, always have, always will, especially when it comes to the subject of Bigfoot etc. When I found out I was going to Portland I went through the roof because all I could think about was getting into the woods and taking a look see, if you will. In a nutshell I turned one of my co-workers on to the bigfoot subject and he is now addicted. To make a long story short my Employer gave us Sunday and Mondays off and that was our time to get out and see the sights.

The first weekend was Mt Hood. We camped out, It was scary but nothing to report. The next weekend we headed for Mt St. Helens. We crossed over the Bridge of the Gods and went east towards the town of Stevenson, then through the town of Carson in Washington state. Somewhere in the town of Carson we took a left on a main road and headed north towrd Mt. St. Helens. We saw a few rural houses/ farms etc. along the way and we just got deeper and deeper into the forest. We started going higher and higher through the windy road and about 15 miles in or so we started to see ONLY on the right side of the road a lot of branch breaks.

Now let me tell you, there were lots of them , I mean hundreds and what was weird was that this was happening only on one side of the road, the right side. Trees 6 to 10 inches in diameter all broken anywhere from 7 ft to 12 feet high. My friend and I were so excited to see this. Now we did not see any creatures, but being a Sasquatch addict in the, what I like to call, "Ground Zero" for Bigfoot, I was blown away. We pulled over where there was a shoulder and we got out and began to examine all the tree breaks. So of course we tried to explain this phenomena away. Heavy snowfall no , Bears no, Elk no, Boulders no, Cougars no, Humans no, well not with their bare hands and not hundreds of trees. The tree breaks were, honestly, for 15 miles or more and only on the right side of the road.

Also the larger trees, the big ones not redwoods maybe the giant Sequoias or Pines all had marks indicating that they have been hit. I have determined them to be marks from woodknocking. There must have been hundreds of them. All about 7ft to 12 ft high. I would love to give exact coordinants, but I did not write anything down. I can tell you that we took a left in the town of Carson on what seemed to be a main road and headed north. We did end up at the "Ape Caves" park/tourist stop. So, somewhere in between Carson and the Ape Caves, in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Now what is sad is I borrowed my dad's digital camera and took pictures, but the Curse of Bigfoot struck. I was trying to change the format on the camera and I accidentally erased them all, of course, when we got back to the hotel. I was so ticked off. Anyway I have been thinking about what we saw for along time and I finally had to let someone know. I know, for a fact, that if you were to go to this area you will see all of these tree breaks, and woodknoking evidence everywhere, and it being on one side of the road it felt like this was their way of saying this area belongs to us and stay out. It was absolutley AMAZING!

I hope that you are familiar with this area and you can go there and verify this for yourself. If you do go, please let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts on what I saw. I am 100% sure that the miles of trees breaks are still there and even new ones I am sure. We saw some pretty fresh breaks that were still green and moist on the inside. Where we pulled over, the whole area was matted down. All the vegetation was all matted like pressed very hard averywhere, but we did not see any footprints in the area we were in. I'm sure that if we looked long and hard enough we could find some. We both had that uneasy feeling and we did not stray to far from our truck. I know in my heart and soul that nothing else except an upright bipedal ape could have done what we saw. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance in what my friend and I observed.

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