New residents experiencing unusual behaviors in the woods surrounding them file# 04524


Date:December 06, 2008
Mason County county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Harstine Island (not A Road)
clear, cool( Upper 40's)
We are located on Harstine Island, a small island off the eastern coast of the Olympic Peninsula near the town of Shelton, Washington.


Description of event: We recently moved to Harstine Island off the coast of Shelton, Washington. The island is a very thick rain forest-type environment. Ever since we've been here, our whole family has been aware of something watching us from the woods surrounding our house. We have heard of past documented reports of bigfoot activity here.

Just last night, Decemeber 6, 2008, we drove up into our driveway and got out of the car. Our two dogs ran across the yard, barking, because they heard and/or saw something. At that very moment, my daughter and I heard an extremely loud scream coming from the forest. It sounded like a cross between a chimp and a screaming woman, followed by three or four grunts. We have heard cougar screams before, and this was nothing like it. We looked at each other, and knew immediately that it was a bigfoot. We verified the sounds that we heard to other sound recordings on this, and other, bigfoot websites.

Important note... one of our dogs, in particular, loves to chase bears, including large grizzlies. She has been doing this for years, here in Washington, as well as when we lived in Montana. Ever since we have lived here, both of our dogs have altered in behavior. They rarely wander far from the house, and most of the time cower in front of the door, wanting to come in. They both seem frightened and subdued.

As we sat down to write this report, my husband went outside and imitated bigfoot sounds. We immediately heard three or four responses coming from all directions. They sounded like a hooting-type cry, as well as whistles and grunts. This was witnessed by our two adult daughters as well.

Also, we have heard things walking through the woods near our house, as well as large objects being thrown, such as tree stumps or large rocks. We have felt the "presence" of unfamiliar creatures, that we've not encountered anywhere else.

record updated:2008-12-07 19:57:01