Photograph unknowingly taken of possible creature file# 04535


Date:October 23, 2007
Mason county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Old Olympic Hwy.
Partly Sunny
early morning
Traveling East on Old Olympic Hwy. aproximatly 3 miles from Kamiliche WA.


Description of event: I was traveling East on Old Olympic Hwy. about three miles from Kamiliche WA. There is a large herd of Elk that is seen there often. I stopped to take pictures of the herd from the road. The herd was about 500 yards away, across the hay pasture, neer the tree line. I was only there for about 5 min. and then on my way. I didn't notice the image until now, 12/29/08. It's to the right near where the tree line meets the pasture. Looks like the unknown animal is standing, looking to the West, over seeing the herd. I may be mistaking this image for a leaf on the foreground branch. None of the other pictures taken show this image. I took about 8 pictures, but they were to the left of this picture, where the larger part of the herd was.

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