Workers feel like they're being watched and smell strong odor file# 04548


Date:July 15, 2008
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Wagon Wheel Rd
very hot
mid morning
Take route 66 towards Keno, Or and go onto Clover Creek rd. Go approx 1 mile on Clover Creek and turn left onto wagon wheel rd. It's a dirt rd. Follow this rd to the end where the dam was destroyed. Approx 3 miles on this rd to the end.


Description of event: It was a very hot day in July and Me and my co-worker was sent to Keno dam to do work. We had arrived at the beginning of the dam at the end of wagon wheel rd when we started working. I had got out of our work truck to get our supplies ready which took about 5 minutes, ( we kill noxious weeds ). It had taken about 45 min to go 1 mile so you can imagine how slow we were going. We had to climb up a hill at the halfway mark where there are trees and big rocks with heavy bushes above us. There were forrest hills all around us with the river running through it. We finally made it to the end of the dam where the experience started to happen. My co-worker was about 150 yards up on a hill where she was spraying. There is a rushing river where we were to the left of us and miles of forest in front of us. It wasn't till,I had walked down the broken dam where I had to go relieve myself when I started to smell this very fowl fecal matter. It smelled rancid like this thing never cleaned itself after going to the bathroom. At first,the smell wasn't too strong. It just kept getting stronger like it was around us getting closer. I told my co-worker about the smell and we both agreed to pack up and go back. When we drove about a 1 mile away to start on another section and we both got out of the car and the smell was gone. Only into 5 min into working we started to smell this smell again only getting stronger and stronger. We both didn't see what was stalking us but we both packed up our equipment and get out of there. What ever it was it was stalking us. We both had this feeling we were being watched.....

record updated:2009-01-15 22:40:26

Investigation by: Felicia Bryant

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