Hitchhiker has terrifying encounter on I-5 near Grants Pass

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Date:July 26, 1976
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
20 Miles North Of Grants Pass
Nearest road:
On Interstate 5
late afternoon


Description of event: I was hitchhiking to Canby,Oregon to see a girl I had met in Florida. I was 16 years old and had hitchhiked all the way from Florida. I had spent the night under the overpass in Grants Pass and the next morning, I started walking after thumbing with no success.

I walked all day long and around 4pm, I walked directly underneath the 20 Mile sign to Grants Pass. I smelled what I thought was a dead skunk or some kind of roadkill and began looking on the side of the road ahead of me and behind me to see if I could saee what was stinking so much.

I saw nothing on the road. The movement of something caught my peripherial vision off to my right about 300 or 400 yards at the tree line. I saw what I first thought was a huge bear walking along the tree line from north to south and it was staring straight at me. I stood in disbelief as it got parallel to me and turned and went into the forest. I was trying to figure out if I had actually saw what I think I just saw when a wave of fear gripped me and in a split second decision, I decided that if that "thing" was going to get, it was going to have to catch me and I took off running for my life NORTH on Interstate 5.

I had walked all day and I knew that there was nothing behind me for 20 miles and there were too many big rocks on the other side of the road heading down the slope so, my only option was to run as fast as I could north ahead of me.

I don't know how far I was running but a green volkswagon van pulled up beside me and I instinctively opened the door and jumped in and told the long haired guy driving to "PUNCH IT!" He took off and after we were about two miles up the road and I could finally catch my breath, I told the guy that I just saw a bigfoot. The guy told me that he had crested the hill and saw me hauling ass flat out wide open and thought that was strange because there was no car or vehicle on the road and he was wondering why I would be sprinting in the middle of nowhere?

He asked me if I had any gas money and I told him I was broke. We had to turn around to go to San Jose, California to get some gas money from his Dad who was the Chief of Police in San Jose, California. Although I did not like it, we had no choice.

The guy got some money from his Dad and he ended up taking me to the house in Canby, Oregon where I was heading. That was the first time that I have had an encouter with a bigfoot.

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