Camp counselor has sighting of creature at children's camp file# 04582


Date:September , 88
Clark county, WA
Nearest town:
Outside Vancouver, Wa
Nearest road:

Halfway between treeline & trout pond on camp Bonneville Military Res.


Description of event: I was serving as a camp counselor for the Evergreen School District's outdoor school program at Camp Bonneville. For several nights we had heard vocalizations (like a woman screaming but high pitched), wood-knocking, and smelled nasty stink around outside of cabins. One night a few rocks hit the cabin waking campers & myself (we assumed it was another cabin group messing with my campers).

Wednesday night I was walking down by the trout pond and had just crossed the bridge when I heard underbrush breaking near the tree line. I moved closer, moving quietly so as not to disturb whatever animal was making the noise (thinking it might be deer). Out from the tree line came a large, massively built hominid. It had long arms hanging almost to its knees and it had apples in its hands. The apple trees were near the cabins, not near the pond. Deer are often seen feeding on the apples at night.

It was eating one as it walked toward the pond. It walked with its knees bent, in a slightly stooped manner. It ate maybe half before dropping it. When I noticed its hands, the thumbs were inline with its fingers, unlike an opposable thumb. It then stopped & sniffed the air, turning to face my direction, it looked right at me. It grunted softly a few times, then made a strange oooooh sound. It smelled like the most rancid cheese mixed with wet dog odor. It then turned & rapidly returned to the tree line, disappearing from sight.

I then noticed I was kinda shaky in attemping to move (kinda like a lethargic feeling). Then before I knew it, I was running up the road to the cabins. I remember some of the campers found a tree branch nest-like shelter in that same tree line the day before. The bracken was all pushed down inside. No one thought anything of it at the time.

I never mentioned it to anyone until my girlfriend's best friend mentioned things going on near their place near Bell's Mountain. I asked her questions about it. She told me about the wood-knocking and vocalizations in the woods behind their house near the creek. After hearing this I told her my encounter at Camp Bonneville and she freaked. I told her; as kids we always heard stories about a beast living up on Bell's Mountain.

I have spent 12 years in the military (8 USMC, 4 US Army), multiple combat deployments, so I've seen alot in my time but nothing like that. I've spent alot of time looking into what I might have encountered...only thing I can say is it was an undiscovered primate, of that I am certain.

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