Teens see creature in the woods while stuck in mud

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Date:June , 2002
Whatcom county, WA
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Description of event: It was me my sister and her boyfriend. My sister's boyfriend had just got a new pick up truck. He wanted to test out his 4 wheel drive so I told him about this place where they had just cut all these trees down. It's a pretty muddy place. We went there had some fun. We ended up getting stuck for about 2 hours or so. We kept trying and trying to get out. We ended up get the truck out.

We chilled there for a bit, letting the truck cool down. We sat there and talked for about 20 min. Then we noticed a real fowl smell in the air of rotten fish. We had heard stories of sasquatch before so I tried to scare my friends. I said, "Maybe its sasquatch watching us!!" They just kinda laughed and said whatever. Just then, my sister's boyfriend turned around facing me. I noticed his face turned pale. These are his words. "I want to get out of here. NOW! I just seen sasquatch behind that brush pile!"

I said, "Whatever. You can't scare me with that." So he was running scared to his truck. I'm thinking he's still playing with me. He and my sis were walking slowly toward the truck, hes still freaking out saying let's go, lets go. Now I'm stuck riding in the bed of the truck, because it's just a 2 seat single cab. So I jump in the back. As I turn to look where he saw sasquatch, I saw nothing. But, I had to look twice to what I thought was just a pile of mud. As I got a better look, I notice it was a human like shape curled up into a ball. The hair was the color of dark brown that blended into the mud!!

So now I'm freaking out saying "GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE NOW!" As he's taking off fast as we can go, I look back and notice the brush and branches swinging back a forth as if it took off running also. What really stood out was the the size of the sholders. They looked like the shape of a body builder's!

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