Whistles heard at Quartz Creek

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Date:June , 1984
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Quartz Creek
Near Merlin, Quartz Creek. Exact location confidential


Description of event: In 1984 myself and a few friends went up Quartz Creek , just outside of Merlin Oregon to go 4-wheeling in his jeep.

It was approx 7:30 at night and was getting dark. We ended up on a logging road that was high on a
ridge, but with a high ridge still above us. We had stopped in a area over-looking the canyon and decided to whistle very loud over the canyon. So we did. And it echoed many times and then stopped.

Several minutes had passed and we were in conversation when suddenly we heard a very loud whistle coming from the bottom of the canyon. We figured it was someone down there messing with us, so we whistled back. Again, the echo went on for a few seconds and then stopped. After a a few minutes the same loud whistle noise was heard, but from a different area of the canyon. More off to one side than from the bottom of the canyon.

By this time it was dark and the moon was out. Above us was the aforementioned ridge line. After about 20 minutes from the initial "loud whsitle" there was the third loud whistle noise, but this time it came from on top of the ridge line.

I turned to look and thought I could see an outline of a figure approx 200 yards away.

I stared at it for about a minute and turned to tell my buddy to look up the hill, by the time I turned back around to look up the hill, the
outlined figure was gone.

I cannot explain all of this, and it has been
many years ago, but I can tell you that this expreience was real and really freaked us out. I havent been up Quartz Creek since then but am
open to the idea of checking it out sometime.

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Investigation by: Bill Hodgson


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