Man hears whistles and gets feeling of being watched file# 04676


Date:May 14, 2009
Lewis county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 12
This occurred in the Taidnapam State Park campground, site #10


Description of event: In May of 2009, I was camping in my trailer at Taidnapam State Park. I had reserved site #10 earlier and needed to move into that site before 1 PM the next day,15 May. At 11pm I decided to move to that site upon returning to the campground on the night of the 14th. It took about 1 hour to hook my trailer up and move it to site #10 and then re-set it (water, power, leveling etc). About midnight I was finishing up setting the trailer in place and had a odd feeling of being watched. There were only about 6 other campers in the park at the time and none were adjacent to my site. There nearest was several sites down the road (about 150 yards).

As I was setting out the tire blocks for the camper, there was a sudden high pitched, intense whistle that sounded like it was within 50 feet of me. The whistle was very similar to one that a person would use to get another's attention. If it had not been so loud and so intense I would have thought nothing of it. The intensity of it startled me and then there was an immediate and very intense feeling of dread that was so strong it felt like a wet blanket being draped over me. My arm hair stood straight up and the feeling lasted several seconds. I grabbed my flashlight and scanned the tree line I was in but saw nothing. There were no other sounds and there was no one around me. I walked around my trailer and looked into the adjacent campsites but there was no one there. The feeling of dread and being watched stopped after several seconds.

There were no other animal sounds in the area at the time and the weather was about 50 degrees. It had been raining heavily the night prior, although there was no precipitation at the time of this incident. The next day I looked around the area but saw no signs of tracks or anything else out of the ordinary.

The park is about 4 miles south of Hwy 12 and about 6 miles east of the town of Morton, WA. The area has had a lot of Bigfoot activity in the past around Morton, Hwy 12, and the nearby Riffe Lake area.

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