Woman hears screams near town

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Date:June 13, 2009
Snohomish county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
7th Street
Clear & warm
I live in the town of Snohomish and I just recently started hearing the sounds over the past week.


Description of event: I was in our home so I never would of thought it possible to hear a Sasquatch screaming/vocalizing so close to a town the size of Snohomish! It started as a series of neighborhood dog(s) barking and then I could hear the screams echoing from the north of town. I think there was a slight breeze coming from the north that carried the sounds.

There is still a considerable amount of woods around here and there is the Snohomish river nearby as well as Blackman's Lake. There are so many gravel pits around I'm just going to say there's probably one not too far from here, but I'm not sure. There is open farmland in the river valley. I never thought it possible that a Sasquatch would come so near to town??

The sounds went on for quite a while...off & on for at least 45 minutes. The dogs barking along with it. It sounded just like the Puyallup, Snohomish, Klamath screams. I hope I hear it again! I'm going to see what kind of recording devices there are that could pick the sounds up. I could tell they were coming from a distance but it was still & quiet enough for the breeze to carry it in to where I was in the house at the time (north side of the house). I would think someone else around should have heard it?

It was a matter of hearing the sound...I didn't see anything. What gets me is that I'm right in the middle of a rather large town - Snohomish, WA! I actually was soaking in the tub with the bathroom window open facing north on the north side of the house and I could hear the screams off & on say between 11:30 pm to 12:30 am approximately.

There's a lot of woods around here still, but there's so many homes, farms, rural residences, etc...I just wouldn't think a Sasquatch or Sasquatches would come anywhere near here! It was definitely the same scream sound that you have recordings of here. It might have been even more than one - I thought it almost sounded like two screaming back and forth to each other and the dogs were barking.

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