Campers hear several screams during the nigh file# 04711


Date:July 21, 2009
Stevens county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Highway 20
Unnamed campground inside the PendOreille N.W.R. just 300 yards off of Highway 20.


Description of event: My wife and I were camping when, around 10 pm, we started to here sreaming that sounded exactly like the recordings on your web site. The sound was one scream about every five minutes for one hour at a distance of one quarter to one half mile away to the west. For about one half hour the screams came from one place and then they moved west for one more half hour and then stopped. It was quiet for about one half hour and then the screams started again and moved back to the original site, approximately. When the calls started again they were more frequent.

We had a small fire in camp and were conversing quietly. We did not cook a meal, just ate snacks. We did not partake in any drugs and I had two beers. I have spent the last 38 years in the woods in Washington, Idaho, and Montana. I have heard just about every animal sound there is to hear until that night. I jokingly said to my wife that those were sasquatch screams, because I have heard the recordings years ago. I could not remember if that is how they sounded so I went to your web site on our return and the recordings sounded exactly like the screams we heard.

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