Mountina biker hears whoops, howls, and whistles at night file# 04715


Date:July 27, 2009
Skaminia county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
FS 83
Very Warm Night
Camped right off fs 83 in front of Mt ST Helens, Vocalizations were heard in a notheastern direction towards ape canyon about 1-2 miles from know the area...


Description of event: After a long day of mountain biking at the Lewis River Trail and soaking in the river I planned on doing the Ape Canyon Trail the next day so I decided to camp right in front of Mt St Helens, right off Forest Service 83.

By 9:00 I was the only one out there being a Monday night, it was a nice quiet night to do some star gazing. About 10:30 or so I was sitting just enjoying the views, then suddenly, I heard some whooping calls. A few, then pause, and a few more followed by what sounded like a reply of a howl. A few more whoops then 2 distinct whistles and that was it, silence again.

I grabbed my little video camera to record more sounds but nothing. A half hour later some coyotes yelped a bit, but from another direction and distinctly different. Hard to tell how far away they were it wasn't real close but if you stand right in front by the Lahar Viewpoint, straight at the mountain, its about 2 O'clock...Didn't sound like an owl either.

If it was a BF it almost sounded like a, "Hey, let's get up and meet time to eat". I biked up the trail in that direction early the next day with an extra adrenaline rush...

record updated:2009-07-30 21:35:38