Group camping with horses finds tracks, makes castings - PHOTOS file# 04749


Date:August 24, 2009
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
hot summer
pre dawn dark hours
Quinn meadows horse camp


Description of event: We were camping w/horses and 4 other folks using 3 separate campsites,went on a day ride, came back to camp, fed horses and then we all ate, played guitar and sang by campfire....we heard 2 sets of wood knocking. the men went to check on their campsites and horses.Went to bed about 12 midnight.Woke up to the horses stomping and snorting,Looked out our camper window & saw the men from both campsites coming to check out the noise of the horse corall being pushed or pulled and the horses running around, they said something had been at their campsite and banged on the side of the camper twice real hard and loud,waking one friend & his wife, they said to build a fire and they went to do the same whatever it was ran up the mountainside behind our horses.One friend said he smelled a stinky musky odor and it was super quiet besides the horses being excited and the noise of branches being broken as it went up the mountainside.We left the lanterns going outside and went to bed. When we woke we went all met at the friends campsite that had the banging on their camper,the men from both campsites were looking at strange tracks that went around the camper and around the campsite next to the horses up the mountain, they were 15-inch human looking foottracks. Two of our friends drove clear to Sunriver to get casting material and we cast two of the prints. We showed the prints to the camp hosts and took pictures of the prints first then of the castings.
This was just two days ago and my partner was not a big foot believer but he is now, They went to the resort to get ice and told the owner what had happened and he said there was a very recent sighting at elk lake, he had a friend that was researching bigfoot and sent him and a friend out to talk to us,they interviewed us and got pictures of the castings.I do believe and I am thankful I didn't see it because i don't think I d ever want to go horse camping again.Our friends horse was frozen for a long period of time with huge eyes.the next night she was trying to get out of that corral, we didn't see anything or hear anything the next two nights, but we have the pictures and the castings.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The witness has provided the following photographs:

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Investigation by: Felicia Bryant

The eyewitness was able to provide us with some great photos of what they saw.

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Medford, OR

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