Long, loud moan heard throughout mountains near Mount Hood

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Date:December 05, 2007
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Lolo Pass Road
Clear snow on ground
Late afternoon
Out of Zigzag, along highway 26 going east, take Lolo Pass Road on the left. Follow Lolo Pass till you reach the Bonneville power lines, and a small turnout, which is where we were parked, facing Mount Hood.


Description of event: In December 2007, we went up to Zigzag, taking Lolo Pass Road to cut our own Christmas tree. We parked in the turnout under the power lines. We were at a high elevation, it was clear and a good view of the valley below us, and Mount Hood across from us. Below in the valley is the Sandy River. There were other people out that day coming up the road, behind us and leaving, and one family was also parked near us. We cut our tree's and my teen son and I were attempting to tie down the three tree's while my husband looked for a spot to relieve himself, and my 9 year old daughter sat in the back of our van with headphones on. As we stood on the side with the sliding door open, I heard a very clear, mournful moan/call. This can easily be described by me as sounding like one of the old WWII wind up sirens, but not mechanical, with great force. This sound was coming from some mountains across from us, somewhat in the line of where Ramona Falls is below Mount Hood. The sound was at a distance, but traveled clearly in the terrain. I stood there, not sure what to say, then my teen son turned to me and said "did you just hear what I did?". I nodded my head and just stared at him, feeling it was a surreal moment. I looked towards the family in front of us, busy with their two little girls, realizing they likely did not hear it, they were engrossed in removing wet boots. We then saw, below us along the road that goes into McNeil Campground and Ramona Falls (closed this time of year and locked gates), a couple who had been walking their dog on a trail below us, above the road, and they stopped too, the dog pulled back. We were not close enough to find out if they too had heard it for sure.

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