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Date:August , 1968 or 1969
Mason county, WA
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Description of event: Sasquatch Experience

Our family lived on a farm in a rural community located on the south side of the Olympic Mountains from 1958 to 1970. The area at that time was covered with a very heavy 60-80 year old second growth coniferous forest. The upper Satsop River system flowed through this forest. Various rivers, creeks, ponds and swamps were located throughout.

At our farm we had horses, chickens, dogs, cats, and fenced pastures. A heavy second growth forest and neighbor’s pasture was north of us. To the west we had a 15 acre fenced patch of scotch broom, brush, light woods, and a couple of old shacks. To the east was our 20 acre horse pasture. To the south was another neighbor’s farm with forest and pasture. Just east of our 20 acre pasture was another narrow 10 acre fenced pasture with some fruit trees. Immediately next to and just east of this 10 acre pasture was a wooded area and a creek. The creek was about 1/8 mile or just a little greater than 3 football fields (@ 900 feet) away to the east of our house, garden, barns, garage, and chicken coop.

Our family was very athletic. My brothers, sister and I would play against each other in track and baseball games in our big yard. I was shooting baskets all the time. We did chores around the farm, rode our horses and bikes-or just doing something out in the woods or swimming and fishing at the creek.

During the summer of either 1968 or 69 when in junior high school I began to pole vault and long jump at our farm. I constructed a sand pit for long jumping. I had configured a steel pole from an old pole vault pole and coupled it with another piece of steel tube to make about an 11 foot long vaulting pole. I had two stanchions to hold a cross bar and a saw dust pit to land in. I made a crude wooden box embedded into the ground to stick the pole into when I vaulted. My pole vault pit and long jump pit were next to the chicken coop. I could make 9 foot vaulting and about 15 foot long jumping. I did a lot of my pole vaulting and jumping in the summer evenings when it was cooler.

One evening in August in either 1968 or 69 I was out pole vaulting. I would always start at 6 foot and vault my way up in 6 “ increments each time I crossed over the bar with no miss. So after about 8-10 vaults and misses I would be up at @ 8-9 foot. About 7:00-7:30 PM when it was just getting dark I had worked up to 9 foot where I tried more than once and missed, but kept at it. I was standing on the end of the runway getting ready for another vault when all of a sudden I heard an animal sound off and vocalize from the wooded area near the creek about 1/8 mile to the east. It was an animal sound that I will never forget for as long as I live. The animal vocalization started with a deep bass groan sound and then crescendo up to a high pitch scream and gradually decrescendo down to lower notes and end in a long howling yell. In my memory of the animal vocalization that evening, and in hindsight, I would estimate that the animal vocalized, with no rests, for 2-3 musical whole notes or for a time of about 8-12 seconds. The animal had to have been very long winded with big lungs. It was very loud. It didn’t match any other animal sound that I had knowledge of or experience with.

Upon hearing this animal vocalize I was startled to say the least because it was so loud and close and carried over a distance. It stunned me. I was still standing on the end of the runway getting ready to vault. I shook off this loud and strange vocalization, got psyched, took off, ran down the runway, stuck the pole, vaulted and missed. I reset the cross bar to 9 feet and walked back to the end of the runway for another try. As I was standing there at the end of the runway getting ready for the next vault the same animal vocalization occurred again. It had the same sound and duration as before and came from the wooded area near the creek. And it sounded off again. So now I have heard three vocalizations. By now I was getting more scared and bewildered and stood there looking across the pasture in the direction of the creek for a couple minutes wondering what it was. It vocalized again just like the last three. That was it, after the fourth vocalization it scared me to the point where I just dropped the pole and ran fast into the house and told my family what I heard. My youngest brother was outside too and heard the same thing. After that August evening my brother and I tried many times to imitate these animal vocalizations. These vocalizations will always be a memory that we will never forget. This concludes my description of a true life experience and true story as a witness to a live vocalization of what I believe to have been Sasquatch.

This story is a true real life witness factual account of an experience my brother and I had of hearing a vocalization from an animal, and very likely a Sasquatch, during an evening in August 1968 or 69 when I was pole vaulting. My family and I never heard any more vocalizations like it after that August evening in 1968 or 69. Even at that, and not knowing anything about Sasquatch at that time, we didn’t follow-up, inquire and look for any tracks or any other signs or evidence of what the source of the vocalizations could have been.

Retrospection of My Past Sasquatch Experience

At that time in 1968 or 69 I had never heard or read anything about Sasquatch. At that time I could only conclude that the source of the vocalizations came from some sort of unknown wild animal. The sound was not that of an elk, bear, or cougar. Coyotes would often howl in the evenings but this unknown animal vocalization was no where close to a coyote howl. Our neighbors had cattle and it was certainly not a cow or bull bellowing.

I don’t believe it was a human either. In my opinion the only human who could possibly or come close to vocalize and be heard from a long distance away for 2-3 whole notes without a rest would have to be an opera singer. Pavorotti, the late great tenor with the big barrel chest and had a lot of “hot” air, comes to mind as being someone who might have been able to vocalize a note or two for a long duration.

I first learned of Sasquatch when I was in college in the 1970’s studying for my degree in natural sciences and read a book written by John Napier and his explanation for Yeti, Bigfoot and others. I have since bought and read many other books on Sasquatch.

I recently read Jeff Meldrum’s book “Sasquatch Legend Meets Science”. In my opinion, Dr. Meldrum’s book does very well in providing plenty lot of good scientific evidence and facts in support for the existence of Sasquatch. The chapters in Dr. Meldrum’s book on Sasquatch vocalizations and witness accounts of behavior finally gave me some good evidence to corroborate and support the experiences and beliefs that what my brother and I heard that August evening was indeed a Sasquatch.

There are two things that were consistent with these vocalizations heard on that August evening:

1. Each vocalization was about 8-12 seconds long and started with a deep bass groan sound and then crescendo up to a high pitch scream and gradually decrescendo down to lower notes and end in a long howling yell. There were no discernible rests or pauses in each vocalization-just one long duration of exhaled sound.

2. Each vocalization occurred when I was standing on the end of the runway getting ready for the next vault.

Based on my own personal experience with hearing these vocalizations, the act of pole vaulting, and of reading about the behavior exhibited by Sasquatch as witnessed by other people, I have to curiously ask some questions:

• If Sasquatch was truly standing in the woods near the creek and had the visual ability to observe me pole vaulting from across an open pasture @ 1/8 mile away from me, then I ask? What would Sasquatch think and what would Sasquatch say if it saw a human with a long pole in his two hands, suddenly take off on a run for a distance while also holding the pole in his two hands, and then stick one end of the pole into the ground, and then while still grasping the other end of the pole with his two hands and with momentum, lifts himself up into the air, and vaults up into the air over or hits another pole (cross bar), lets loose of the pole, and then lands on the ground in a pile of wood chips? Would Sasquatch have reacted and vocalized? Was the vocalization a shout of wonder, a warning, inquisitive, anticipation, establishing territory….Was Sasquatch saying “I want to do (vault) like that too!” Was Sasquatch communicating to me in its own language? Had Sasquatch watched me vault long enough to know that when I ran and stuck the pole, vaulted and made or missed, then reset the bar, and walked back to the end of the runway that I was about to do another vault, because that is when I heard the vocalizations, and there was an audience waiting to watch my next try?

• I was spooked and scared and ran into the house after I heard the 4 vocalizations. Had I experienced infrasound? How far does infrasound carry?

These are but two key points of Sasaquatch behavior and physiology that I have to ask based on my personal experience while pole vaulting. Sasquatch must have a high innate intelligence relative to the whole animal kingdom and also a unique ability to observe human behavior and of nature itself to be able adapt and live a healthy life in response to the natural environment and the human habitats that it experiences.

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