Gold claim workers watched by bipedal creature on hillside file# 04819


Date:August , 1980?
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Sharps Creek Rd
Warm,clear skies
late afternoon
There's a bridge a few miles past the sharps creek campground on sharps creek rd, shortly after that a right hand turn.( not sure exactly my uncle always made me close my eyes so I couldn't show others his claim)


Description of event: I was helping my uncle work his claim for a week or so. I was running the dredge while he worked the sluice box. Suddenly he called me to the shore and handed me the binos and pointed to a stump we had hiked to earlier on the hillside(clear cut) across the river and up about 150-250 yards away and I could see the squatch standing by the stump. From the base of the stump to the top of the stump is about 4 feet, stump was just below his waist.
He just stood there and watched us for about 20 minutes,not much movement asides from some swaying. Then suddenly he just turned and walked over the ridgetop out of site.
He came back the next 2 days and just stood and watched us( about the same time all 3 days) the last 3 days we were there nothing. My uncle later said it showed up off and on and he just ignored it.

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