Woman believes she was followed by BF to restrooms.

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Date:September 25, 2009
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Springwater Road
cold and dry. Clear
Take Exit 12 on Highway 205 Clackamas-Carver Highway. Turn right from toward Carver. In Carver turn right and cross the bridge. At the end of the bridge turn left onto Springwater road. Milo McIver park comes up on the left after nearly 8 miles. Left at the fork inside the park. At the bottom of the hill go straight.
We were camped in the day-use area at our annual Civil War reenactment near Parking Lot E. This took place along a road between the camps and the Clackamas River. Small fields on one side with trees and trees going up the river on the other side.


Description of event: I left camp to go to the restroom about a quarter of a mile from the main camps. The road is between small fields boarded with trees and trees near the road on the other side. The tree side goes down to the Clackamas River. Between the river and the road I felt as if something or someone was watching me. As I walked to the restroom I heard something walking in the woods. It was too big to be a human because the steps were too slow. It was not loud but was definitely something. The footsteps stopped short of the field with the restroom. I assume it was because the trees became thinner and there were electric lights on the restroom. Whatever it was in the woods did not follow me back after I had finished at the restroom.

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