Two hikers, have vocalization and weird feelings, in the mountains of Cottage Grove. file# 05088


Date:December 08, 2009
Cottage Grove county, OR
Nearest town:
Cottage Grove
Nearest road:
mid morning
The top by the tower


Description of event: Myself and my buddy where out and about when we both heard a loud sound. Didn't know what the hell it was, something was out about 50yrd off the gravel road. I thought it was a bottle on the locked gate for some reason, but my buddy laugh at me and said no way. So, I took it down. Well, we walked and the noise kept up with us, and [started] making a loud noise like a wooping sound. Never heard that before,then we laughed. Because, he said bigfoot was trailing us. (lol) But, the noise got closer and well we where not laughing no more. We said that this is getting closer, and any animal that may have heard or seen us would not be getting closer. So, we just walked back to the car and we still joke about it. Until, we looked up bigfoot sighting and read about a whooping noise. And, we [decided] that was the only way that we could explain the sound we heard. I am without any other reason to know that what we both heard. Wasn't like anything we have ever heard before. I know what was following us. But,we didn't get close [enough to see it]. But, it could see us. We didn't see him,we didn't smell anything, but both [of us] had a weird feeling.

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