Man and neighbors hear calls in the night. Two nights in a row. file# 05159


Date:September 09, 2010
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Williams Hwy

pre dawn dark hours
Hillside behind our home in Murphy, Oregon.


Description of event: Sleeping with the window open on that warm Friday early morning, about 12:45 am, I was awoken by what I first though was an older child calling out for someone. Although I quickly realized it was louder than any child could have shouted and sounded as though it was calling out the word “Of, of, of”, usually in groups of three but sometimes two. It was not bird like in the least in tone. Also, I could distinctly hear an f sound at the end of each call, a definite “lips and teeth” sound. I probably heard 10 to 12 sets as it proceeded from North to South towards the Applegate River probably along the ridge line above our house. The sound stopped abruptly before it was out of earshot. Eventually I fell back to sleep only to be woken again, around 2:45 am by the same sound this time heading South to North. I’m not sure I slept the rest of the night.

The next day I tell my skeptical wife about what I heard. “Wake me up if you hear it tonight.” she said. I recognized the obvious hint of sarcasm in her voice. Well, I though it will probably never happen again, but I went to sleep with “one ear open” anyway. At about 3:45 am a new sound erupts somewhere on the ridge again. This yell was much more dramatic, louder, and more chilling than before. I wake the wife with a shake and whisper “He’s baaack.” So, for the next ten minutes we laid there and listened to this voice moving from North to South at a similar pace as the night before. It sounded like three ascending calls in a group, very loud, all within normal human range, similar yet different than a person would sound. We probably heard this group of calls 15 to 20 times.

That evening I arm myself to get a recording. I have my son’s phone number in Texas ready to speed-dial, since he said call if it happens again, no matter the time. I don’t think I sleep well all night since I’m so ready to get proof. Nothing, I heard no sound at all. Later just before dawn dogs all over the area, dogs I’d never even heard bark before, cut loose in frantic barking. I can hear people yelling at them to “shut up”, “get over here” and such. It was quite a melee for a time. I’m not sure what set them off, but I could take a guess.

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