Three women see and smell BF while picking mushrooms. file# 05219


Date:August 25, 2009
Klamath County county, OR
Nearest town:
Fort Klamath
Nearest road:
Hwy 62
sunny but cool in the mountains
early afternoon
Removed to protect the location.


Description of event: My daughter and I and my granddaughter were out mushrooming and decided to stop on the top of XXX XXXX and look around. Finding nothing we decided to go to the top of mount XXXXX where we parked and looked for mushrooms it was at this time that my daughter asked mom do you smell that I replied yes I have smelled it for about five minutes. As I grew up in Oregon and have spent many years in the woods I knew what I was smelling I told her to get in the van now! We got in the van and She rolled down her window it was at that time my granddaughter saw the creature out the side van window. It was standing behind a large tree about 20 feet away. we took off and about a mile and half down the road the creature came up the inbankment and crossed the road in front of us we watched him go between the trees following us as we went we got almost to the bottem and lost sight of him. we slowed and could still smell him but not see him we continued home.

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