Track found in mud/gravel on side of a road file# 05255


Date:November 13, 2010
county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 504
Mostly cloudy
late afternoon
North side of Hwy 504 on slope 3 yards above shoulder of the roadway, 50 yards west of mile marker 36.


Description of event: After reading about the 2009 “Elk Rock Sighting” on the BFRO I decided to drive up to the area and take a look. Since animals routinely use the same game trails I figured I had a decent chance of finding more recent tracks.

Approximately 50 yards West of Mile Marker 36 (250 yards or so East of the Bear Creek bridge) on the North side of 504 I noticed a single track in a mud/gravel slope just above the roadway. I took several photos of the track and the surrounding area.

I remained in the area driving up and down 504 all the way to Cold Water Lake cutting for sign the entire drive. I noted several deer, Elk, and even Mt. Lion tracks but nothing resembling the initial print.

I marked the location by placing a soda can (same one I used for scale) on top of a 2 ft long stick drove into the ground. There is also some sort of storm drain cover (diamond plated) directly in front of the location on the shoulder of the road.

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