Two young hunters find trackway file# 05273


Date:October , 1997
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Blue River
Nearest road:

mid morning
The road curved around a clear cut that was on the right side of the road. To the left of the road was all timber.


Description of event: I don't remember the year this happened but the guy that was with me remembers this like I do. My brothers a brother in law his friend and I were out hunting. My brother and brother in law shot a deer at the beginning of a clear cut. The next morning my brother in law's friend and I went back to the clear cut that they got the deer in. We fallowed the road to just about the end of it maybe 200-300 yards. He stopped to the truck so we could walk around and look for morning fresh sign. On the right of the road was the clear cut to the left was a stand of timber. Before the timber right next to the road was a muddy area. Maybe 4 or 5 feet wide that followed the path of the road. He walked over to that area to look for tracks. The tracks he found were not what we were looking for. They were MUCH bigger that man tracks but looked the same. They were not bear at least no bear I have seen. I know there is bear in the area I have seen them there. The space between the tracks and the size is what struck me. I would [have to say] 6-7 feet from print to print. When we seen the tracks the hair on the back of my neck stood up and he said he were ready to get outta there. Seeing as we both had guns I talked him to to staying a little longer to look around. We followed the tracks a short ways and they just stopped... We couldn't find anymore and truth be told we did'nt look very hard because the hair on our necks didn't lay back down until we were aways out of that area. We never did go back to that area again. I did not see the guy that was with me for many years but when I did I asked him if he remembered that morning and he said he sure did. We both have told a few people about it over the years and not many people believe we saw what we saw. Before that morning I never believed that bigfoot was real... I do now!!

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