young man has sighting, watches a BF walk across a hillside. file# 05284


Date:July , 2009
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Skyliners Rd
sunny, slight cloud cover, semi-hot
early afternoon
The location was across tumalo creek behind a row of 5 or 6 trees all about 10-15 feet tall. It was near a bend in the creek about 10 yards above a bend in the creek facing skyliners lodge. It was sunny, with slight cloud cover, about 70-75 degrees.


Description of event: I was standing near a logged fence facing south-southwest of Skyliners lodge. It was a sunny july early afternoon the temperature was about 70-75 degrees F. I was looking around to see if there was any kind of wild life on the opposite side of tumalo creek when I spotted a tall, well built, black-reddish hair colored creature which I have never seen before. It was about 6-7 feet tall maybe taller standing next to the creek, behind a row of 5-6 trees directly south of me. It was about 10 yards south of a bend in the creek. Right after I saw it, it started to walk on 2 legs swaying its arms back and forth like it was no problem and it walked behind the row of trees, all of them were about 10-15 feet tall. Its shoulders blocked a gap of about at the most of about 5-6 feet between 2 trees. I watched it walk for about a minute or so when I finally lost sight of it.

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