Napping bow hunter awakens to large rocks landing nearby file# 05320


Date:August , 1994
Baker county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Highway 26
early afternoon
7 miles off highway 26 behind the Austin House


Description of event: I walked from camp during archery season on my normal morning hunt the sun was felt so good that I thought i would sit down and take a nap for awhile before i started on my late afternoon hunt back to camp. I found a nice tree over looking a dry creek bed with a large patch of young pine trees about 7 to 10 feet tall at the top of the clearing then turning into a clearing about 50 yards wide by 75 yards long. The location was mostly separated timber but by the small pine tree location was pretty thick. I remember waking up to loud thumping noises like heavy objects hitting solid dirt and tree branches breaking. I thought here come the elk, so i pulled my self together and got ready to see some elk coming through the small pine trees. But what i was seeing was large rocks and i mean rocks that weighed 50 to 100 pounds flying through the air. The rocks were being thrown from within the pine tree patch and this went on for it seemed like an eternity, but really was only about 1 to 2 minutes. I sat there very uneasy, i have seen over 30 bears in the wild, close encounters to watching them with spotting scopes. What i was seeing was unexplainable i definitely know this was not a bear, bears roll rocks not throw 50 to 100 pound rocks. After everything settled down I walked back to camp and waited for my dad to get back. The next day i took my dad to the spot and showed him the rocks and we found where the rocks had been taken from the ground and you could see where the rocks hit the ground and bounced. There were no tracks the ground was really hard there and a lot of grass undergrowth.

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