Man witnesses a BF crossing the road, while in sitting in Vehicle. file# 05365


Date:August , 1995
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
FSR#9777 Its a big loop on a mountian top and it goes up and loops back around at the bottom were the tree line is located.


Description of event: Myself and another family member were picking sugar pine cones,on FSR# 9777. When I saw a Sasquatch crossing the road in front of my vehicle. The other family member was looking out the passenger side window, when I was looking out the windsheild. It crossed the road quickly and disappeared into the brush. It must have been watching us, before I noticed it.

record updated:2011-04-23 18:23:07

Investigation by: Bill Hodgson

I phoned and spoke with witness. He's a avid outdoorsman, and logger. Has seem many animals and bears. The witness is absolutely sure this was a Sasquatch, and no other large mammal known to live the area. The witness comes across to me as credible and very knowledgeable of the woods and those known animals. I find the witnesses report to be applicable to the behavior of Sasquatch.

I want to Thank this witness for the report. And, I am looking forward to speaking with him again in the future.

Bill H.

Bill Hodgson Investigator

Medford, OR

I have worked for a retail store for 18+ years. I have also drove truck, and did a little work with the BLM and USFS. I have not been affiliated with any other organization, only with OBF. I have had an interested in Sasquatch for many years. I have lived in Oregon all of my life. I have a little experience in tracking wildlife and knowledge on the mountains and forests of Southern Oregon and parts of Northern California. My research has been personal, but now I want to help others understand what they have experienced.