3 men on a night hike get chased and hear vocalizations.

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Date:June , 2007
Hood River County county, OR
Nearest town:
Hood River
Nearest road:
Post Canyon Dr.
Warm Summer Night
The location can be found up post canyon road, past where the black top ends, continue up the gravel road maybe about a mile. There is a little spot to park on the left hand side and a trail on that same side. This trail takes you to the 7 streams mountain bike park. The trail eventually takes you to a Y in the trail, and that is the point where I had turned around and started making my way back to the car. It was at that Y where we had the encounter.


Description of event: My encounter began with my Brother, a buddy and myself. It was a summer night, we wanted to go on a little night hike up this trail that I've been on maybe 30 times. My buddy decided to run up ahead of us a little ways to scare us, but after 45 minutes of hiking, we never ran in to him. As we got closer to the end point, the Y in the trail, which over looked this clear cut, my brother and I started hearing a whistle. Not a tune, but a single Soft whistle. Then it stopped and then another. So I whistled softly back and we did that several times. Then I was done playing around and I yelled for my buddy to get out of the bushes and join us. But I never heard back except for another soft whistle. I still thought it was him. As we got to the Y, the whistles stopped. We turned around and started hearing twigs snapping and sounds like bushes being rustled. The sound of something moving through the bushes. Where the sounds were coming from were up a slight slope to our right as we were coming back down, it wasn't steep, but it was quite open. I still couldn't see very far up it because of the weak light that I had. Again we yelled for our buddy to get out of the bushes, and still no reply, just more rustling sounds. Then all of a sudden after we continued down the trail a gigantic boulder, not a rock, a boulder that easily weighed over +150lbs. went hurling about 8ft off the ground, maybe 10ft out in front of us. This boulder wasn't Not coming down at a sharp angle. There was a slight angle to it, but it was moving very fast! There's absolutely NO way this thing could have tumbled down. There wasn't any cliffs, just a slight, I mean slight grade. The only way a human could have done this is one they made a catapult, or 2, a group of guys did it, but I don't know how they could throw it that hard and still be out of my light range. There is absolutely no way that a human could have done it, you'd have to be bigfoot to have thrown a boulder that size, that speed, that height, at that distance. As soon as that boulder went flying, we stopped dead in our tracks, and I knew then that it was not my buddy, that is was not human. I quickly pointed my light up the little slope, but could not see any thing except for trees and bushes. But we did hear a very loud rustling sound as if it was coming down the hill at full speed. That's when we took off faster than you could blink. As we got down to the road, we jumped into the car and started driving down the hill and there up ahead of us was my buddy and he to was scared out of his mind. What he encountered was a little different, he said that he went a little ways up ahead of us, maybe down a different path (off the main trail, but not far at all, that's probably why we didn't see him). But he said that he was sitting quietly still waiting for us, with no light, sitting in the pitch black. He never heard us, but what he did hear was the sound of wood on wood. The sound of taking a large piece of wood and hitting a tree. He said it was consistent. And he heard walking through the bush, but he never saw any lights, no light at all. The rustling through brush got closer to him, and that's when he decided it was time to leave that spot and go find us. And that's how that night went.

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