A couple hears vocalizations while target shooting.

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Date:April 25, 2011
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
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Blm 3600
Rain off and on


Description of event: My girlfriend and i were driving around looking for a spot to set up my game cam for the up coming deer and elk season. we drove up to a place we always see game, when we arrived we did not see anything in the clear cut, so i decided it was a good place for her to shoot her new pistol, its a 357 and it really echos in the valleys. she had shot 3 times when she was cocking it to shoot again is when we heard the Hooting. the duration was about 5-7 seconds long, she looked at me and said "what is that?" then we heard it again, with a 20 second pause it hooted once more and we heard loud knocking. I kinda knew the area it was coming from, so we drove back down the road aways. parked and headed in on a hike toward the area i thought it was coming from, of course so i could set up the game cam. we hiked in for about 2 miles and it saw alot of elk and bear tracks around the creek, but never heard anything more. I tried hooting back, with no response i tried whistling, so we hiked to as far as we could towards the tallest ridge, when darkness started to really fall. so we turned around, set up my cam by the creek, and headed home. I first heard hooting 5 yrs ago in the Mowich Loop area up by Stump Lake, ever since then i have been hooked on researching Sasquatch. Finially my girlfriend go to hear it. now she's a believer. Hopefully there will be pics to follow.

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