Family and friends camping hear loud vocalization. file# 05447


Date:August 24, 2001
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
Shady Cove
Nearest road:
Cant Remember
clear warm


Description of event: Was camping in rock quarry the night before we were going to rock climb.The kids were shooting of bottle rockets in the quarry for about an hour. Then we were all standing around fire just talking when all of a sudden this loud scream came from the top northwest side of the quarry. At fist we just stood there looking at each other,kind of wondering what in the world, what just screamed? I asked John my friend who has been a avid outdoorsman his whole life if he had ever heard something like that before and he said he didn't know what it could be. Then there was another scream but it was more intense and it seemed closer this time. At this point my oldest son went and locked himself in my pickup truck. The screaming went on for a good ten minutes at least. We were just standing there by the fire amazed at what we were hearing. I had been videoing the boys with my camcorder and I didn't even think to turn it on at all. I wish I would have now. The screaming finally ended and we didn't know what it was and just kind of talked for awhile longer and went to bed. Later on I awoke to hear some far off screams and then they ended and I fell back asleep .We really never talked much about it after that until one night I was listening to some of the bigfoot sounds on your page and when a certain sound came up the hair on my neck stood up. It was the exact same sound we heard that night in the rock quarry. To verify that I was hearing what I was hearing I went and woke my son up and told him to come listen to this sound on the computer,I also told him not to look at the computer but just listen to see if he recognized the sound. I clicked on the sound and my son after listening immediately said,that's what we heard when we went camping at Rattlesnake. And that pretty much confirmed it for me. My opinion is it was bigfoot. I have hunted and been in the woods my whole life and have never heard something like that before or probably will again. I regret not taping the sound but who was to know. But I definitely believe.

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