Sighting on mainline logging rd near Coos Bay file# 05469


Date:October , 1994
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
Coos Bay
Nearest road:
Coos River Hwy/weyerhauser Property
clear sunny
early afternoon
Weyerhauser logging property very top of the 8000 mainline rd. at one of the clear cuts.


Description of event: While on a deer hunting trip my father stopped the vehicle on the side of the road to have lunch. As myself and my three brothers ate I noticed movement several hundred yards away out of my perifferal vision. I realized that something was up in a tree near the very top of a huge pine tree where the branches are just beginning to grow, at the edge of the timber cutting area. The area had just recently been logged. I looked at it with binoculars and was frightened when I realized that it was not a bear, but a huge manlike creature picking something from the tree top. I looked at it for several minutes. It was very dark brown and had it legs and at least one arm wrapped around the tree. It kept reaching up and grabbing stuff like it was collecting something. Then suddenly it turned to look in my direction when I saw the face very clearly. It had no hair near the eyes and nose which looked humanoid and definately did not have a snout like a bear at all. Then It did a double look then realized that we were watching it, and without any notice just pushed itself away from the tree and free fell at least 60 feet to the ground with its feet and body staying in the prone position all the way. When it landed it made a very loud crashing sound into the freshly logged clear cut. My father screamed at us to hurry and get into the vehicle and we drove away fast and he never talked about it to me again. My brothers did not see it because they were looking in the wrong direction with their binoculars. Very spooky though.

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