Man and son hear strange sounds from three creatures during night file# 05470


Date:July 17, 2011
Yakima county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Bumping Lake Road
cool, light rain
Bumping Lake campground on north side of lake...owned by state.
Site 13.


Description of event: My 15 year old son and I were both awoken by animal noises outside our tent. I figured it was racoon or squirrels looking for scraps. Soon heard it was something larger...thought possibly elk or deer.
Then a strange sound came from outside the tent about 10 feet from the door. Very unique, not of any I have ever heard of hiking and hunting for 33 years. A similiar but uniquely different sound seem to respond from the other side of the tent about 20-25 feet away. The sounds were not growling nor grunting, I thought possibly coyotes because of the high pitch, yet they were not coyote sounds. Then a 3rd response to the first 2 further back towards the a woman screaming...yet lower and not a fearful expression.
My son was admittedtly freaked out a little by the 3rd noise. Approximately 3 minutes later we heard the screaming sound louder and more intense about 100 yards to the SE. Then we went back to sleep...wondering.
We tried to make sense of it all the following morning, and discussed the sounds over breakfast, then again as we headed into the woods on the bumping lake trail to fish.
I have been fishing here over 20 years and have never seen nor heard anything similiar.

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