A family traveling home after Christmas, see a Bigfoot cross in front of them.

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Date:December 27, 2007
Jefferson county, OR
Nearest town:
Government Camp
Nearest road:
Hwy 26 & Forest Road 530
cold but clear
Follow Hwy 26 through Gresham, Sandy and towards Mt. Hood. Just past the Government Camp Rest Area on the left is forest road 530. It is between the rest area and the Timberline Lodge turn off.


Description of event: I live in Bend. My kids and I were on our way home after visiting family in the Clackamas for Christmas. We were going East on Hwy 26 at about 8 pm. We had just passed Govt Camp when my daughter and I saw a large dark figure run from right to left across the highway. I ran into a dent in the snow bank that we thought was a road. The figure was bulky and almost as tall as the snow bank. When it ran across I saw that it's arms were long and it looked like it's head was slightly pointed and it leaned forward a little as it ran. I didn't think to count how many strides it took but the strides were large. It looked like it's head and upper body didn't move as it was running. It looked like it was 'jogging' but got across the road quickly. When we passed the road it was only plowed for about 20 feet and the rest was covered with snow. The drifts were all about the same height on the three sides. The figure was no longer there and it had only been about 3 seconds. It was then that we realized how tall the snow was. I was driving a 4-wheel drive pick-up that I later measured at 6 1/2 feet tall and the snow was at least two feet taller that my truck. We thought it was a person & our eyes were playing tricks on us until we saw how tall it was and how fast it had disappeared. I don't see how it could have been a person considering it's height and speed and the way it ran. And what would anyone be doing running across the road and scrambling up a snow drift in the middle of the night two days after Christmas? We were the only ones on the road at the time so they would have had to wait a long time for us to go by.

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