Trucker sees BF on the shoulder of the road. file# 05480


Date:July 26, 2011
Multnomah county, OR
Nearest town:
Government Camp
Nearest road:
Hwy 26
Highway 26 about 2.2 miles west of Government Camp. The road is cut right through the hill so there is a "wall" on the right side of the road and a downhill slope on the left side.


Description of event: I drive semi at night from Bend to Portland and back. I had just passed Government Camp at about 11 pm. Starting down the mountain at about 45 mph after rounding the first curve(about 2.2 miles from Government Camp), I noticed a large object on the right shoulder of the road. At first I wondered why someone would stand a log there. As I got closer, I realized what it was! I saw a large silhouette of an "ape". It was facing away from me but I could see a head, shoulders, torso, and legs. As I passed it, my head and side lights lit it up and I could see it was covered with hair. It scared the crap out of me! It had black hair all over except for a long "mane" of grey hair on its head and shoulders and grey down the sides of its upper torso. The only word to describe the hair is wild! The window of my semi is 6 feet off the ground and it could have looked in the window while standing on the ground, so it had to be about 7 feet tall. It just stood there and didn't move as I passed.

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