Campers hear rock clacking and wood knocking at lake file# 05494


Date:August 05, 2011
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
National Forest Development Rd 130
Nice,75-80 degrees
pre dawn dark hours


Description of event: The encounters took place over a span of two separate nights at our campsite next to XXXXXX lake.On the first night while all three of us stayed in separate tents we awoke to the sound of rocks being smacked together.While discussing the noise amongst ourselves we also heard wood knocking and the snapping of wood.This took place around 1:30am and continued for about 2hrs.The following night was a little more harrowing.Only my friend Mitch and myself witnessed this encounter as our friend Ian amazingly managed to sleep through it!Once again around 1:30am We awoke to rocks being smacked together but this time much closer and more frequent.This lasted for about a 1/2 when we then hear the heavy and well spaced apart footsteps about 15 feet away.It would retreat and come close over and over again.We then heard the huge sound of a tree hit with a presumably large piece of tree limb or wood.There was then a little bit of silence when we then heard a rock thrown.We heard it going through some branches and landing a few feet from our tents.We were both freaked out and remained silent as it banged more rocks together and it seemed to be moving off.We layed there until we were comfortable that it was gone.

record updated:2011-08-07 15:34:14