Witness has a BF look into her house window.

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Date:July , 1999
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Lorane Hwy
early morning
I am keeping the exact location confident due to the owner of the property where this took place.


Description of event: I had woke up early in the morning to use the restroom, when I went to step back into my room I noticed something in my window staring at me, it was dark in the room and my window was wide open without a screen(this was also a trailer house which had higher windows than most homes)I seen a reddish orange reflection of two eyes looking at me, after a sec of trying to see what it was I realized it wasn't anything I've ever seen before, I stood in the hallway with this animal staring at me for what felt like 30 sec but was more like 5-10 sec before I had enough courage to scream, I was so scared I couldn't move or scream. This thing had to have been 7 1/2 ft tall, I measured it from the ground up to the window where the top of the head would have been. This home is kinda out in the hills and is a forested area with a lot of rabbits and there was also a grape vine about 3 ft from my window. This image has never left my mind and when I talk about it, it makes that fear come over me again. I know what I saw and would take a lie detector test to prove what I saw, and I do believe it was a bigfoot.

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