Loud vocalizations heard near the Jim Woodruff Bridge

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Date:september 03, 2011
Gadsden county, FL
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
US Hwy 90
In Chattahoochee Appalachacola River Landing boat ramp between (1:30 and 2:00 am) on South River Landing Road on Labor Day night Sept 3, 2011. The Boat ramp sits directly below the US 90 bridge and is located just south of the Jim Woodruff Dam and Lake Seminole at the Florida/Georgia border. (As far as checking the boxes below for other details of nearby landmarks, we were visiting the area for the first time and unfamiliar with details of the terrain surrounding the location so there might be details that I have omitted.)


Description of event: We were at the boat landing between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. and while we were there we heard an unbelievably loud blood curdling yell or yowl. A very high pitched long sound (about 4-5 seconds long). It was definitely not any type of canine or coyote. I've spent my whole life camping and being outdoors in Florida (mostly in the Ocala National forest and Marion County area) and thought I was familiar with the call of every species in the Florida woods but I've have never nothing that even comes close to this sound before. It startled me because it was so very loud and I felt it was extremely close. I was there with a friend who was a few yards away and asked him what he thought it was and he said he didn't know either. Just then there was a second identical call. (only a moment or two had elapsed, no more than 5 minutes between the 2 calls). We were in an area that was at the river level but the surrounding land all around us was much higher and very hilly. I didn't see anything or hear anything moving in the woods around us to indicate where how close we were to what made the sound but because it was so loud I felt like it had to be very nearby. We left shortly afterwards and went back to our hotel room where I just happened to turn on the TV to Animal Planet (Finding Bigfoot) and by a bizarre coincidence there was a show just coming on about a group tracking swamp apes and sasquatch in North Carolina and the calls they were making to attempt to attract these creatures (and also a recording they played of an alleged call caught on tape) was EXACTLY the sound I had heard. Like a high pitched yell lasting 3-5 seconds, so hard to describe in writing but unforgettable once one hears it. I just wanted to report it in case anyone else in the area had also heard the same thing we did on that same evening. There was a campground nearby and I'd be very surprised if someone there had not also heard and possibly reported the same thing we heard. The call came from the southeastern direction from where we were standing.

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