Wildland Firefighters have encounter with BF

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Date:September 07, 2011
Jackson county, OR
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White City
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hot and dry
I am a wildland firefighter and i was in a wildland fire on dead indian mountain. i believe we were on the western flank of c division in the southern part of the fire.


Description of event: On the seventh there were 4 of us Marcus, Jessie, Tim, and Myself. We broke for lunch at about midnight on the fire line we were doing mop up basically where you put out the fire so many feet in from the fire line. We had went in 200 feet into the burn to put out a big log and when it was out it kind of killed all the light. We had lunch on the line together and in the middle of it we heard a banging out past the log we put out. Not metal fire tools but like wood, and it was very deliberate. We joked about it but it left us all on edge, so we decided to get back to work and not think about it. A couple of hours later we broke again in the same spot all of us together and the banging started again but this time closer and behind us. Marcus got really on edge and then we all agreed we heard it and didn't know what to do about it so we got back to work but we were getting nervous. I informed my boss that i heard banging and he smiled about it and said not to worry about it. Later that night in the dark early morning hours Marcus was sent Alone about 600 feet down the trail to drop a lateral hose next to a gated Y on our trunk line. The group was 10 firefighters. As we waited for Marcus we could see his head lamp down there and he was under the impression we would come to him but we were waiting for him to come back. Marcus had broken his shovel earlier with me (Raye Nelson) so he did not have a tool, when he came up with a good pace up a very steep fireline carrying a stick. He told me later he had heard noises and decided to carry the stick.
The next night it was dark as day shift had done a geed job to extinguish what was left, and there was a 10 man squad and we walked down the same line at around 10:00 pm. Our line was lead by Jason Cockrum, kind of a hard ass but you would never know he was a rookie because of his age and confidence, he instead of casually saying "hold the line" Jason stopped and said "Wait up wait up there's something in the brush!" 10 people stopped and began looking here's what I saw: There was multiple sets of eyes that flashed at us as they moved about 60 feet in nothing flat. I'd say they were about 100 feet or less from the line in the green unburned brush. I'm 6'3 and it was easy for me to see atleast one of them was taller than me by the glow of the eyes. I only saw a blur of color as they moved but when they stopped the other eyes dissappeared and i was left looking at one set squatted down low to the ground. We began making noise and I beat my shovel against a polaski i was carrying for the sawyer and we be gan walking toward the one set of eyes. They glowed kinda yellowish green and they were fixated right on me some of the other guys saw them too as i moved in but i got about 40 or 50 feet from it maybe closer I realized they weren't going to run we were aware of eachother it looked right into my eyes but it was almost shapeless black no sillouette just the eyes looking at me. I decided to back off and our boss said to line it up there are animals in the woods and for everyone to calm down because it was quickly turning to a state of chaos people were getting scared. so we lined up and marched out and didn't see anymore eyes that night. As night turned to day we were all the way up at the top division alpha where we had lost a containment line and the fire burned the green. as we gridded it Marcus showed me what looked like a human sized and shaped foot print over the top of boot prints. We showed it to our boss and he laughed and put his boot in it and said" It cant be a bigfoot look my boot fits in it." Indeed his size 9 or 10 boot fit perfectly so my guess was it was no bigger of a print than what my size 13 foot would make barefoot. Marcus and i noticed more but kept our mouths shut about it because we had already drawn attention to ourselves and it was a different boss with us when we saw the eyes and he didnt see them either. We told him it was a cougar with cubs but we have all talked since we were off this fire on dead indian mountain in southren oregon. For those of us that saw they eyes and saw them drop we know they were tall and upright then dropped down low. Ill never forget those eyes staring at me like " I know your here you know Im here if you wanna make something about it I will." Some of us got the impression it was protecting the others, by staring us down I'm glad I didn't get closer.

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