Couple hear growling noises while hiking along a creek file# 05594


Date:August , 1998
Monterey county, CA
Nearest town:
Big Sur
Nearest road:
Palo Colorado Creek Rd
mid morning
Unnamed thread creek starts at the South side of paved road = Gateway to Bigfoot. Marked by a wire fence with signs reading Private Property "No Hunting"
This hike is 1/6th mile in on the paved Palo Colorado Creek Rd. from Hwy 1 There is no place to park the car. Single lane wagon road & Private Property abounds.


Description of event: We lived in this remote canyon so we just walked west from our cabin down the paved road back to the wire fence with the marked signs. I had been noticing young deer drinking in the mornings at this point. Wanted to hike up to a valley I thought they enjoyed up above. If not, I wanted to reach the summit of this North facing ridge hike to be able to see the Pacific Ocean below.

This land is a mix of rural cabins built along the road below and then extreme wilderness "backyards" due to the steep rugged hills of the Coastal ranges with lots of exposed black rock at the creeks. Otherwise, it's dark and mostly all 1st & 2nd growth Redwood forest void of much vegetation at the floor from wildfires. The ferns and berries only grow at the big Creek down below at the pavement. This makes for nice hiking opportunity above with needles and leaves on the ground.

Mixed hiking zones starts level over rocks making it slippery and then sudden steep terrain of open redwood forest and huge boulders at the unnamed thread creek. But at least you can see all around yourself the lay of the land very easily without any of the extra vegetation. There is an old loggers ridge road about 20 minutes up this thread creek hike. This remote road cut is for hiking only as trees have fallen across it and slides have removed some of it. One area of the road is so covered by some type of brush that you literally have to crawl through the hog tunnel on your hands/knees as the side ridges are too steep to navigate. My husband and I needed to stop often to catch our breath on this ascent. This is not an easy hike whatsoever!

So we had brought our female Dalmatian this day and a brand new White's metal detector and had it turned "ON" as soon as we left the pavement. We were really taking our time walking along the thread creek and enjoying watching our dog off leash and learning to use the detector. We had kept our voices low and quiet as not to let the wind carry noise to neighbors we did not know in case there were any around. About 8 minutes into our hike we were stopped mid-stride by a low rolling grumbling sound that caught our attention to our left across the creek and up the 10' cliff.

The sound burst into a long release of RO-OW! RRRR! YARRRR! YARRRR! YARRRR! YARRRR! My husband immediately asked me, "Did you hear that?!!" I did not answer him but we were instinctively looking to the right by then and all was perfectly still and quiet. Our dog did not bark but had looked left and then right and had quit walking along. She was not scared but just looking at us for a command. I felt like my chest bones had absorbed this noise & the vibration from it was telling me there must be an explanation for the source! Nothing was there on the ridge where the sound was produced! Just nothing at all? My husband whimpered when I asked,"What was it?" He never formed a sentence just a whimper. It was so loud and distinct to something we had never heard before.

My mind remembers it so very well to this very day. Somehow we allowed the curiosity of the metal detector to keep us moving along up the steep creek canyon again but now we tip-toed and did not talk for the next 10 minutes. We would stop and look around at things like boulders and fallen trees though. Silent quiet hiking and then back to the metal detecting. He had been wearing his headphones anyway so there would be no big buzzing noises floating away on the wind. We never talked about this moment the rest of the day but we felt kinda scared to go to a certain area further up the slope where an obvious ring of living but scorched redwood trees stood out like a spooky marker to the West of this unnamed thread creek.

We made it to that exact spot and just stopped to look at it from distance. We finally creeped around it quietly but nothing unusual was there. Next we whispered to agree to go ahead Westerly across the thread creek and onto an old loggers rough cut road that obviously ended at this creek. We eventually had to leave that debris covered road and headed North back to the extreme downhill slope. We found a solitaire redwood tree about 5 minutes from the loggers road with huge heavy redwood branches leaning into it's lower arm. We tried to move the branches ourselves and quickly determined they were far too heavy to even budge out of place. We just looked at each other in disbelief.

This tree was about 15 minutes away from the creek where we heard the growl. The tree fascinated our curiosity but i felt terrible guilt for being in this creatures area. I never returned to the tree or the creek again. To this day, my husband blank stares forward when asked about hearing the "noise" something made in the woods that day. He has never talked about the moment but he still answers in a short whimper without any speech. But I have found someone since then in about the summer of the year 2009. I tried to speak with others over the last 10 years but they always made me out to sound stupid or crazy for trying to convince them of my encounter.

He who believes me when I form the closest version of the noise to come up from my recall has heard the same exact sound near to Mt. Shasta once before on a camping trip. This person is a Native American who has had a few experiences much different than mine involving the Sasquatch in Trinity county near Hoopa Valley and San Diego as well.

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