Hunter hiking has a Sasquatch cross trail in front of him. file# 05609


Date:August , 2011
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Lawrence Lake Rd
early afternoon
I was hiking the lava beds which is a hill that was created by lava rock from the eruption of mt hood many years ago.


Description of event: I was walking in the trail that is unofficially called the lava bed trail. I normally hike it and I am one of the few that know where it is. I was in about a mile and a half from the trail head and I had heard branches cracking. I thought it was a deer, elk, bear or even a cougar. I had a rifle on me and I had armed myself for protection. And as I kept slowly walking, I heard heavy breathing and grunting and I caught a scent of rotting meat and wet hair. I kept walking forward and ten yards away, this creature walked over the trail with one step, [a] wide step and stopped on the other side. It looked at me for a second and carried on its way. It had big long arms, long muscular legs and a short torso. Its head was wide, round no hair on its forhead. It had a black nose with sunk in eye sockets.

The trail I was hiking is very difficult to find. I could show y'all exactly where I had seen this creature. It was roughly 7 and a half feet tall. It had seen me, and slowly walk back into the thick trees off the trail.

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