Man has in his camp, and hears two Sasquatch calling to each other. file# 05682


Date:May 17, 2006
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
S. Entrance Rd.
clear and warm
We were camping for the 2006 Beaver State Fling in the group camp site at Milo McIver State Park. We were set up in a small group of trees on the south west side of the field close to the restrooms and fresh water. Google Earth shows the coordinates as 45 17'41.85"N, 122 21'11.17"W


Description of event: Well there were two separate incidents. The first was on the 17th and we were sitting around a campfire talking when I heard something crash in the forest. I looked up and saw something staring at us from the darkness of the forest. I told the guys I was with and they thought I was crazy. I told them to grab their lights and help me look for what it was. It took off and went south east through the woods faster than I could move. I got to the end of the clearing of the group camp site and lost it because it got steep off the back side. Two nights after that on the 19th, at approx. 3am I was woke up by what I originally though was a woman screaming. I got up and out of my tent and followed the sound and it took me to an overlook of the Clackamas River. The screaming sounds were coming from upstream and I listened to them for a few minutes then from downstream I heard a similar scream. These screams continued back and forth for approximately 15 minutes or so then stopped. I told my friends about the incident the next morning but they already thought I was crazy from the first "sighting". I'm fairly certain after hearing the screams that what I saw the first night was a Sasquatch.

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