Whoops disturb horse, rider near Three Sisters

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Date:June , 1979
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Pacific Crest Trail
Seven days ride in pacific crest trail just below the three sisters


Description of event: The sun came out after six days on horse back as we rode into a large mountain meadow near the lower end of it. we notice a nasty wet smell and a spot where something big had rolled in the grass and flowers. all the horses ears went back and looked to the right as did i. just then from thirty yards to th right came a very loud deep roaring scream like a gorrilla scaring my horse away up the meadow. i gained control 80 yards away by spinning my horse a dozen times and stopped facing downhill to see all remaining horses in panic on trail below. as if on cue it vocalized again frightening my horse with a long howl that went from low to high pitch. on this second run i was able to look at the area of 15 to 20 ft trees below everyone else that was the origin of the sounds and could hear bipedal footfalls and see that something was disturbing these trees greatly. i controlled my horse after another 80 yards with another dozen spins. the last sound occurred at this time and was like a wooop wooop call. i rode down the meadow and rejoined the group. they could not identify the sounds and were all quite scared so we rode on aways three hours to get far away as possible making camp after dark, not a normal practice on this trail.

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