A person is awaken by whoops and whistles, in Mt. Hood area.

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 05981


Date:July 20, 2011
county, OR
Nearest town:
Government Camp
Nearest road:
E, Perry Vickers Road
pre dawn dark hours
A two story rental house with the three sided screened in porch on E. Perry Vikers Road past the fork. House on the left with the field behind it.


Description of event: I just submitted a report. I was not able to paste my write up. Here it is….

Just noticed some turned in report of a road crossing three days after I left from about two miles from my location. How about that!

FYI: The reason I slept on the porch was I was to share a room with two 72 year olds who keep the room very hot and I know I would snore with all the dust and mold in the house. I was instructed to bring a sleeping bag, so I took the mattress off the top bunk and put it just outside on the 2nd story screened in porch.


Heard some strange whistling sounds from multiple directions on over extended times on three nights during a week period just SE of Government Camp, OR the third week of July, 2011 on E. Perry Vickers Road past the fork. I was sleeping outside in a sleeping bag on a three sided screened in porch off a 2nd floor bedroom all week while on a ski racing training camp trip at Mt. Hood. The floor of the porch was 1.5 stories above the ground, hence my since of security while hearing the annoying sounds after midnight most of the week. The state park was closed to campers at that time due the tree damage from the harsh 2010/2011 winter. The organization I ski with rents the same two houses each summer. 10 guys in one and 8 females in the other house 75’ away. Due to the mold and dust, I know I was snoring like crazy. Hence, I'm sure I made a bunch of noise then would wake up. Between 1:00 AM PST and 5 AM on the first night I heard howls and whoops in the distance. On the other two night when it was not raining, I would wake up and think, "who the XXXX keeps whistling". I did not know what animal or who was whistling from across the road (30 yards) or beside and behind the house. I was more than a little annoyed all week. I was It was a soft whistle as if to notify someone that I was awake again or my head was up and looking around. I ruled out all the sounds I know and I think I know them all. One night it was pitch black, I just KNOW something was looking at me above my elevation up a big pine (40’ up the huge pine) while whistles were coming from the other direction as I looked at the direction of the tree. That was the only time I was at all nervous with all my hairs on my neck where standing up. I felt like I was being watched and stalked. If I was, I was the dinner. It was either someone playing a multi-night prank or it was more than one bigfoot in hindsight. I did not think much of it since I was so high up on the 2nd floor until I got home the next week and saw the Finding Bigfoot TV show for the first time. The sounds I heard WHERE the same sounds I heard on some of the shows. Either man-made or natural, they were the same sounds. Your Estacata recording is close to what I heard the first night. The other nights where the soft whistles. I think I heard some tree knocks but that part I am not sure of. I’m 100% sure of the other sounds.

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