Man has a face to face with BF while offroading. file# 05986


Date:March , 2012
Tillamook county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:
Hwy 6
late afternoon
At the browns camp staging area.


Description of event: I was offroading on some 4×4 trails in my jeep. And, went to use the restroom at the staging area. As i was leaving the staging area, two deer came running full speed out of the tree line to my right like they were being chased. They were in a panic. I do a lot of hunting, and I only see deer run like that after a gun shot. When I looked to my right to see what was chasing them. I saw the upper half of a large primate looking face staring right at me through some pine bows. I had all my offroad lights on and I could see it plain as day. It then swung its arm at some pine bows like it was very unhappy with me being there, then it took off further into the tree line and dissapeared. I decided it was time to leave after that!

record updated:2012-04-05 14:32:16