A couple of friends see BF.

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Date:May 27, 2012
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Fir Mountain Loop
partly cloudy
The second major pull out spot on Fir Mountain Loop,which is near Wells Drive, and a place called Pine Grove. It is across the road from a large, hilly clear cut, and just up the road from the first major pull out spot, which is located in some trees, where I also had an incident.


Description of event: My friend and I had used the pull-out spot on Fir Mountain road loop to play some card games, and enjoy the scenery. I got out of the car to heed the call of nature, since its a rather secluded spot, and I felt very uneasy. I looked across the road, up on the hill, and at a bit of a distance I saw a huge, very tall shadow moving very, very quickly until it went over the edge of a hill and I could no longer see it. I was terrified and jumped back into the car, and tried to analyze what I had seen.

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