Camper at a remote site hears nocturnal rummaging, bad egg smell: thinks it was bigfoot file# 06265


Date:May , 2006
Wallowa county, OR
Nearest town:
Baker City
Nearest road:

a bit rainy
pre dawn dark hours


Description of event: My friend and I were camping in this very small campground. It was dusk when we got there and sprinkling. We saw some elk just hanging out around the campsite that is how remote it was. No one but us were there. Late that night into the early morning hours, I remember being awaken by a loud noise, like rummaging. I didn't know what it was but maybe a bear. Then I smelled this nasty, rotten egg smell, which was thick and harsh. To the point I covered my nose. I thought it was my friend passing gas, lol, in their sleep, but it was strong and horrible. I heard movement, thinking it was just a bear, but I never smelled a bear that bad before. Later, after reading some of the reports on here, I started thinking it was Bigfoot, rumaging through our stuff. I felt creaped out and scared. I never felt that way about a bear. This feeling was a lot stronger than that. So, I believe now, that it was a Bigfoot.

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