Person driving backroads west of Bend finds tracks file# 12987


Date: , 1976
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Skyliners Rd
sunny day
mid morning
On a hillside above Tumalo Creek about 11 miles west of Bend.


Description of event: I had taken a ride up the logging roads on the north side of the creek that switched back and forth. I stopped to relieve myself in the forest out of sight of the road in the middle of nowhere and discovered very large flat footed footprints in the soft dirt leading straight up hill and dissecting the switchbacks. I remember feeling quite stunned as I couldn't really fathom what this meant. I considered if someone could have counterfeited these tracks but realized there would be absolutely no reason to do so here as the likelihood that they would ever be discovered by another human was completely unlikely. It also gave me a very funny feeling as probably this creature had gone down to the creek to drink very close to the small cabin I lived in with my 1 yr old son. It has left a strong impression on me.

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