Man describes hearing screams on Warm Springs Reservation file# 13013


Date:December , 2007
Jefferson county, OR
Nearest town:
Warm Springs
Nearest road:
East/west Spur
colder then shit


Description of event: My pager went off, indicating that I had an alarm call back for work, me and the wife was arguing which was unusual. I decided to walk to my work site which normally takes 15 mins to get there.I live on east spur, I got onto west spur, and started to walk down to the stop sign. I could hear what I thought sounded like a coyote.

I got further down, closer and closer to the stop sign of west spur, which is maybe a 100 yards, and I looked to my right. Typically, the neighbor dog is biting at my ankles and barking ferociously. Well they were under the wheelchair ramp, all 4 of them. Then i got really scared, and all the hair on my body stood up and I stopped dead in my tracks and noticed it was extremely quiet out that night.

That's when I heard, plainly, like a very huge man screaming in a distance, like it was 3 or 4 miles out, and then it louder and the scream got louder, then the other thing was screaming back at it, which was less then a mile away from me.

Then i realized, it was a sasquatch/bigfoot. I turned around and ran for my house, which was about 100 yards maybe. I got inside and tried to wake the wife up, but she would not wake, so i got into our explorer and turned onto west spur off of east spur, found my work keys in one spot, my lighter further down the road, my hat, was laying out there, my ciggs were laying further down the road and by the stop sign, was my cell phone, even my wallet was lying out there. I had left a trail back to my place, of all my belongings that was on me. I was scared shitless. I didn't feel my hat come off, I forgot I was wearing a hat until I come across all my items in the middle of the road, scattered. All these items were in my jacket pocket and my jeans.

I found a tribal cop, Jason Shcoll, patrol officer back then, and I told him what had happened, what i heard. He went and parked at the end of the Grelliot Heights road and sat and listened. He said he didn't hear anything, and he sat there off and on through out his graveyard shift.

Jason is a skeptic, he don't believe unless it happened to him or he saw it himself.

I was scared, and I don't scare too easily. I live on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, others have told me that its impossible that THAT type of sasquatch, was in the area, and that type of bigfoot or squatch, is not found in this area. THATS BULLSHIT, I will never forget that night.

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