Screams heard near Sunriver file# 13015


Date:August 03, 2012
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Three Rivers/ Sunriver
Nearest road:
Highway 97
I was near the corner of Big River Dr. and Brenda the Three Rivers region, approx 5mi. south of Sunriver, it's off of S. Century Dr. The sound seemed to be coming about a mile SE of where I was at.


Description of event: I don't know for sure what I heard, but it was strange and sounded like a deep loud roar/yell/scream. The sound didn't deviate in pitch or volume, but would wail away for a couple second intervals about a few seconds apart. I only would like to know if someone else heard it at exactly the time I heard it. I was up early on Sat. Aug. 3rd,2012, getting ready to go home to CA. just as the sun was coming up when I heard a strange sound to the South East,(approx a mile away?) as I was walking outside. It was loud, echoing and was making the dogs in that direction go crazy from 6:45 to 7:00am. No one else seemed to be up or outside when I was up and I tried to go as close to the sound as possible, but I wasn't feeling well and tried to stay near the house I was staying for the week. I was staying near the Deschutes River. I regret not getting closer to the source. There were other sources of noise all the time I was there that didn't seem to bother the dogs in the neighborhood. I thought it strange that this noise did.

record updated:2012-08-06 02:04:46